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Gretchen Schreiber was born and raised in Small Town Kansas, but spent a healthy amount of time in the hospitals of Rochester, Minnesota.  Born with VACTERLS Association, Gretchen has faced numerous surgeries as a child to repair her spine and right arm.  This is how she started writing and finding far off lands.  Because her mother took her from the hospital to the bookstore and bribed Gretchen with books.

When it came to college, Gretchen chose the University of Minnesota because they were the only school to embrace her wish to be a Theatre Major but also pursue a career in medicine. While medicine fell by the way side, she embraced theatre whole-heartedly, working primarily behind the scenes as a costume designer. While working as a wardrobe intern on an independent film being shot in the Twin Cities, Gretchen fell in love not just with wardrobe but also with how movies were put together. Encouraged by her professors, Gretchen actively pursued avenues in producing.  So now she's off in grad school studying at the University of Southern California.  In her spare time she writes books, pilots, and sometimes even features.

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