Friday, August 24, 2012


If you've ever had to write a thesis you know pure and absolute joy and pure and absolute pain. Wait, no one told you thesis writing wasn't the most fun thing you've ever done in your life?


But seriously now, I'm in grad school and I'm almost done! (my last year) But before we break out the confetti and the cake (or rather cupcakes) there is this big bad thing called thesis.  Thesis in my program while a complete pain is also sort of completely and totally filled with awesome. It's what happens when you got to film school.

Our thesis projects must either consist of a TV show or a Film (if you choose film you may not write it, TV however you may).  So of course I've chosen TV.  One because I absolutely LOVE it. I probably watch more TV than is healthy. In my class and at my last internship, the name of the game was find a TV show Gretchen does not watch. It's hard.  But it can be done.  Two I absolutely want to write TV and work in TV and sort of just surround myself with books and TV.

It's a great thing that my TV does not take up that much room. The same cannot be said of my book obsession, even with e-reader Saira on the job.

But like any good type-A personality, I've already started my thesis.  I'm knee deep in stuff. TV Bible. Outline. Leave-behind. Outline. Marketing ideas. Outline. Character bios. Did I mention outlining?

Oy outlining. For those who know me well you know I've never EVER been one to outline. I'm more of the ocasional post-it kind of girl.  TV however is not done with the ocasional post-it. No ma'am, do not pass go do not collect $200 until you have outlined.

I sort of want to pull my nails out.  And then again I sort of don't.

Outline is one of those things that's a lot like writing, in that everyone must find their own way of handling it.  There are ways of outline just like there are ways of writing.  I've been smacking my head against the outline until finally my friend suggested I outline the "procedural" plot and build around that.

It worked like Pixie Dust, I was up and at 'em before I knew what happened.  Now I'm back with the other plots and am about to start digging through all of the other scenes ferreting out all of the other plots.   You see TV shows are strictly divided up into four basic plot lines in every episode. So I've tamed one--mostly.  Now it's on to the other stuff, luckily it's all falling into place.

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