Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Music Monday: Soundtracks

I'll keep some of the old stuff. Resurrecting Music Mondays! Because I love alliteration. 

This week and really for the past two months, I've been addicted to soundtracks. This really came about when I hear Joss Whedon talk at school. Yes, he came to my college where I was studying for my MFA. He shook my hand. For a good five seconds he knew my name. It was epic. 

Anyway, his advice was: listen to soundtracks. Since then, I think I've purchased four or five soundtracks and am contemplating the Newest X-Men one. 

So a few quick hits: 

Ramin Djawadi: Falling Away (game soundtrack: Metal of Honor) 

Patrick Doyle: Crewe and the Soldier (A Little Princess) 

John Ottman: The Attack Begins (X-Men Days of Future Past)

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