Thursday, July 5, 2012

There have been a lot of famous words written about beginnings. For starters, "In the beginning...."

What a way to start a story. In the beginning there was a girl who wanted to blog. So she started to blog.  She had been given reasons why she shouldn't, the prime one "The world does not need another blog." This is factual. The world does not need another blog; the world needs a lot of things, but rarely does it need something like a blog. A world needs nothing really. Thus the girl defied that world and gave it a blog. Her blog....take 2.

From her desk, to her blog, to you.

It has also been written that a beginning comes from some other beginnings end. This is also true. Off in La-LA Land comes from the end of Scribbling on the Page, which if you're here from there, HI!  Sometimes things come to an end because of big long drawn out stories and sometimes the answer is really quite simple. In this case, it's the later. I wanted something a little more put together  on one account. Before this blog, my twitter, blog, and other social media apparatuses were spread over three separate emails. For convenience sake, I made it all under one. Huzzah!

Fun Fact Break. Most of my beginnings start with this: 

Some famous person once said "beginnings are tough" someone buy that person a pair of shoes, because it is true, beginnings are tough. This beginning is tough, but I will make a bargain with you reader, you read, I'll write and together we'll find stories a plenty. For that is the goal of every beginning is it not, to find a story?

When the going gets tough, this blogger calls in back-up. These guys constantly guard her books:
Don't mess with them, they're Roman Hoplite Soldiers. Also a glass octopus. Don't mess with the glass octopus.

Here is my begin--againing.  Do you ever find yourself, beginning something again. Craft projects, writing, work out programs...anything really. Everything has a beginning care to share one of yours? Leave me a message.


  1. I had a regular life blog called Carpe Omnes for a while, but I got bored with it. It never felt right. What felt right was writing about writing, keeping myself accountable even if it was only to my own little corner of the internet. So I know exactly how you feel about starting fresh with a new blog. I love the background by the way, the little owl is so cute!

    1. It's really refreshing to start fresh....ok that was redundant but I totally understand. Thanks I really like owls. They're kind of awesome.